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Joyroom foldable holder phone stand black (JR-ZS282)

Joyroom foldable holder phone stand black (JR-ZS282)

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Folding Holder, Joyroom Phone Stand - Black (JR-ZS282)

It's a handle ready for any task . You can adjust it the way you want: you can change the angle of the arm, the width of the base, the height of the backs or the stand itself . Also has a special cutout for the MagSafe wireless charger , so you can conveniently charge your phone. Do you want to take it on a trip? No problem! It folds to a compact size , So it fits in every bag and backpack .

The most important advantages of the Joyroom JR-ZS282 stand:

  • It will hold any phone and tablet . A wide, unfolding base and silicone pads guarantee great stability

  • You can adjust it the way you want - you will change not only its height, but also all angles of inclination

  • You can also connect a MagSafe wireless charger with it to power the iPhone, among others from the 13, 13 Pro, 12, 12 Pro series

  • You will take him on every journey . Folds flat to a small size

Stability above all
The Joyroom JR-ZS282 stand will firmly hold any phone and tablet. Instead of built-in jaws, the manufacturer opted for a solid, unfolding base and non-slip pads - for better stabilization. Thanks to the fact that your device is not blocked by jaws, you can remove it from the stand with one hand. The holder will not slide on the countertop, and the tablet or phone will not fall down even after being accidentally knocked down.

Fit as you like
This stand adapts to your needs - not the other way around! Thanks to the full rotation, you will achieve a really satisfactory viewing angle. At the base, the handle unfolds to 135 degrees, at the shoulder - 270 degrees, at the back - 180 degrees. You can also easily change the height of the stand and backpacks that hold your device.

Compatible with the MagSafe wireless charger
The manufacturer also thought about everyone who would like to charge their iPhone without connecting additional cables. In the back of the holder you will find a special, round cutout - this is a place where you can put the MagSafe charger. So all you need to do is connect the AC adapter to it and you can charge your phone. No cables, no fuss!

Fold it up and take it with you on any journey
The Joyroom JR-ZS252 stand is light and easy to carry. It folds flat, so you can hide it in any bag or backpack. This is a great solution, e.g. for studies or while working remotely. You can even hang it on a chair!


Warranty 12 months


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